Seven Cargo is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. We have offices in more than 50 countries and an international network of partners and agents, making us a truly global player that offers services worldwide.


Comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions form the core of our business – from procurement logistics right through to delivery.

Seven Cargo as a logistics service provider, we see ourselves as a value-added partner for our customers. That is why we analyse highly complex logistics processes along your supply chain and optimise them with tailor-made solutions for procurement, production and distribution.

We look to the future so that your logistics will also make a value contribution tomorrow. We support you all over the world. However far you are taking your company, we will pave the way as we accompany you on your expansion course.


Seven Cargo is a freight forwarding company founded in 1993 by Mr. Turan Yavuz, who is a leading expert in the field with nearly 27 years of experience.

Today Seven Cargo is a dominant freight forwarding company in the Europe market. Seven Cargo is a specialized company in handling Ready-Made Garment Business, Retail, Textiles, Cosmetics & healthcare, Diplomatic Mail, Electronics, Automotive, Food & Vegetables, and Large Projects .


The issue of logistics safety is not only the question of safety in the chain of supply, safety in cargo transportation or safety management in a logistics company. Logistics safety is a very broad notion and means much more than it is commonly thought. Therefore, we have joined forces with Securitas – a leader in the industry, with many years’ experience in security on the domestic and the international market.

With the cooperation of Seven Cargo Inc., we guarantee our clientele a fast, safe and secure cargo delivery. We provide our clients with the highest level of security and apprehend the true meaning of it.

Seven Cargo is the key provider of high quality transportation services in which we build a foundation of trust and commitment to quality. Timely – We know how crucial timing can be for a trucking goods transportation, so we work together on a tight schedule to make it happen.

Seven Cargo has carved out a regional market niche by catering to businesses large and small who wish to take advantage of a local logistics that offers all of the services that are expected from a larger organization. Since its inception, the company has a long and proud history of offering free checking to its customers.

I just wanted to share how much the (our company) values Sue Bell (export services specialist for Seven Cargo). As Special Programs Leader, I have reached out to Sue for assistance on numerous occasions.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe
Seven Cargo/ Logistic Department
Since my company has been working with Europe through their truck network to France, I have been completely satisfied, not only with the service they give us, but also with the speed and simplicity of working with them.
Josh Devon
Josh Devon
Seven Cargo / CTO
I’ve been working with Seven Cargo for a long time–since dinosaurs roamed the earth, I like to joke. To put it another way, when I first became a client, my direct contact was the company’s founder, and I was an employee of Seven Cargo.
Valeria Kindergarden
Valeria Kindergarden
Seven Cargo / Logistic Department


Transparent, which strengthens its global sector experience with its innovative and professional structure, takes logistics service to the next level with high performance, efficient and corporate solutions that it offers to the customer in the supply chain, provides the principle of increasing the competitiveness of its customers with its integrated services, providing benefits to all its stakeholders with an understanding of cost-oriented and sustainable profitability, Transparent is to be a reliable and strategic solution partner.



testimonials2William Kerry

Managing Director

There are so many ways to help, by either sharing your skills or expertise, joining our board of directors or advisory boards, and donating. Regardless of what or how you share with Seven Cargo, we recognize that we don’t have all the answers, and that solutions lie not in commonality but in diversity.

Sarah Connor

Managing Partner

I would ask you to question who’s at the table and who’s not at the table and to think about those voices that aren’t represented when you’re making decisions.

Mathilda Joop

Operational Manager

Obviously I’ve got a great team of people within the company. You can’t operate all by yourself. we have a good board of directors and a big bench, and they can make decisions if I’m not around.


With head offices in Europe, we employ a far-reaching global network that stretches across five continents, and includes the largest distribution network and hub operations in Moscow and the European region.

Ship Global, Ship Fast

Seven Cargo connects people in over 50 countries and territories worldwide. Driven by the power of more than 3520 employees, we deliver integrated services and tailored solutions for managing and transporting letters, goods and information.


Our experts understand the complex logistics requirements of your industry and can offer you tailor-made solutions to meet them. Select your industry sector below to learn more.